Friday-Stroud Consulting

Why S. Friday-Stroud, Ph.D.


S. Friday-Stroud, Ph.D. has the ability to aid organizations in strategically bridging the gap between where they are and where they want to be.  Unlike any other consulting firm, S. Friday-Stroud is adept at coaching individuals on how to use various organizational behavior and strategic management techniques to not only accomplish their goals, but to also gain increased productivity. With S. Friday-Stroud, your company will be sure to receive quality work products and services.


S. Friday-Stroud specializes in customizing her products and services to meet her clients’ needs. S. Friday-Stroud can be a catalyst to aid professionals and organizations to succeed in today’s dynamic business environment. Rapid changes in business practices have significantly impacted the need to incorporate strategic management principles and techniques into all aspects of your organization.  This includes everything from how company employees are managed to your business processes and procedures.  Corporations that commit themselves to strategically managing the processes and people within their organizations are likely to profit from the significant benefits of enhanced competitive analysis, reaching targeted markets, increasing productivity, attracting and retaining valuable employees, and increasing individual and team performance; all of which should lead to increased revenues.




How can S. Friday-Stroud, Ph.D. help You?



S. Friday-Stroud, Ph.D. can help your organization meet its business objectives by maximizing the contributions of every employee. Organizations that are committed to their employees are able to attract the best and brightest talent, reduce employee turnover, improve teamwork, refine communications, and enhance job satisfaction.  We can assist corporations with the following.


·   Formulating, implementing, and evaluating mentoring programs and strategies – pricing depends on scope of work


·   Leadership & Strategic Planning  Training– see pricing for groups


·   Workload Analysis/Process Reengineering – pricing depends on scope of work


·   Conflict Management Training– see pricing for groups


·   Enhancing Communications & Interpersonal Skills Training– see pricing chart for groups


·   Building & Managing Highly Effective Teams Training – see pricing chart for groups


·   Evaluating employees’ attitudes, such as job satisfaction, organizational commitment, sensitivity to diversity, and perceived stress levels – pricing depends on scope of work


·  Aligning, Connecting, and Transforming Individual and Organizational Needs® by utilizing the systematic A.C.T.I.O.N® process, which allows employees to gain synergies from all aspects of their lives in order to be more productive at work by aligning their values, needs and goals with those of the organization – see pricing chart for groups


·  Strategically Planning to Integrate the Roles Individuals Take on® by implementing the individualized S.P.I.R.I.T.® process to integrate their roles and goals in an effort to minimize their stress – see pricing chart for groups



Friday-Stroud Consulting Mission Statement

Through the use of a highly trained, qualified, and motivated staff, the consulting firm of S. Friday-Stroud, Ph.D. prides itself with providing custom consulting services and solutions to for-profit and not-for-profit organizations nationwide in the areas of  Organizational Effectiveness (strategy & business processes) and People Development.  By using a systematic, yet tailored diagnostic approach, we are competitively poised to offer custom consulting services and solutions that can aid our clients with increasing their productivity and profitability in today’s dynamic marketplace, which will enable us to thrive as well.


Friday-Stroud Consulting Vision Statement

S. Friday-Stroud, Ph.D. seeks to be the premier provider of choice for organizations seeking custom consulting services and solutions in the areas of strategy, business processes, and people development.


Friday-Stroud Consulting Values Statement

S. Friday-Stroud, Ph.D. is dedicated to providing its clients consulting services and solutions using the highest levels of professionalism, honesty, integrity, effectiveness and efficiency.